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Manhattan Prep LSAT Exam
Review Course: An In-Depth Review

Manhattan LSAT Prep

Improve your LSAT score with Manhattan Prep LSAT, an intensive classroom-based prep course.

Here's how Manhattan Prep stacks up against other courses.



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Manhattan LSAT Prep

Overall Score 3.8/5

Manhattan Prep LSAT is a comprehensive course that can help you pass the LSAT.

Manhattan Prep LSAT is an education company that offers exam prep courses for several different exams, including the LSAT. It also offers admissions consulting for law school and other programs at top colleges. Their LSAT review has helped people get into Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, and other top-tier law schools.

If you’re looking for an intensive, personalized course that can help maximize your chances of getting into the school of your dreams, Manhattan Prep LSAT might be the perfect course for you.

The Manhattan Prep app and other features offer a highly customized approach to studying for the LSAT. They also have review teams that facilitate in-person courses all over the world. The content is top-notch, and they have a broad range of expertly prepared materials to help you study.

This article will give you more insight into what the Manhattan Prep SAT review course offers, and help you decide whether it’s the right course for you.

Manhattan Prep LSAT Pros & Cons

While the Manhattan Prep LSAT course is well-known and has a good track record, there are pros and cons.

Here is an overview of some of the positives and negatives of the program.

Pros Summary

  • Variety of packages: Tons of options to choose from
  • Best instructors: Instructors must score in the 99th percentile.
  • High quality, high quantity materials: Plenty of resources, all high quality.
  • Effective strategies and methods: Tailor your study program to your learning style. 
  • Free trial: Try before you buy.
  • Small classes = better student support: Class sizes are limited, so you'll get more on on one interaction from instructors.

Cons Summary

  • Live courses unavailable in smaller cities: You may not be able to find a live class near you.
  • Logic game questions offered are not authentic: Online logic game arcade does not user questions from previous LSAT tests.
  • Video materials are not as comprehensive: Other courses offer more and better videos.

Pros for Manhattan Prep LSAT

Variety of Packages

First, Manhattan Prep LSAT is one of the only companies that tailor course material based on a student’s location. There are course locations literally all over the world.

Tailored accessibility on all continents, with live online courses, means a huge reach and a lot of opportunities for more candidates to get on board.

Second, there are a variety of packages you can purchase. These vary from classic, in-person courses to online courses, with a range of teaching hours and personalization.

You can pick how long you need to study, or get a customized study plan straight from the company.

All of these options can be helpful for students looking to get an edge on the LSAT.

The Best Instructors

Manhattan Prep LSAT is an upper crust kind of organization that employs the best and brightest.

Their instructors all scored in the top 1% of candidates writing the LSAT exam, above the threshold required of instructors for most of the other popular LSAT courses out there.

This level of vetting and credentialing means Manhattan Prep's instructors know what they’re doing.

High Quality, High Quantity Materials

The company’s pedagogical approach is described on the home page of the Manhattan Prep LSAT.

They’re into the idea that each student learns differently, and they offer materials that work with many different learning styles.

Their delivery is pretty straightforward, but you can access it and understand it in a way that works for you.

All of the Manhattan Prep LSAT materials are high-quality. They’re well-written, well filmed, and can be purchased in digital or print formats.

You also get a lot of material. There are textbooks, test prep courses, tutoring supplements, and practice tests. If you use it, everything you get can contribute constructively to your test readiness.

Effective Strategies and Methods

The company’s pedagogical approach is described on the home page of the Manhattan Prep LSAT.

They’re into the idea that each student learns differently, and they offer materials that work with many different learning styles.

Their delivery is pretty straightforward, but you can access it and understand it in a way that works for you.

Free Trial

There are a couple of ways to try out the Manhattan Prep LSAT for free.

You can attend a live class for free. You can also try out an on-demand, online course for free.

Both of these will give you an idea of what it would be like to use this study program to get ready for the LSAT.

You should be able to figure out whether or not Manhattan Prep LSAT is a good fit for you.

If you’re still not sure, you can also get access to these free resources:

  • Free LSAT practice test
  • LSAT arcade (online)
  • Free LSAT prep hour event
  • Local events
  • LSAT blog
  • LSAT forum

Small Classes = Better Student Support

Manhattan Prep LSAT course sizes are limited. Smaller sized classes mean you get more facetime with an instructor.

You can also buy into tutoring. These opportunities could make a big difference if one-on-one support is important to you.

Cons for Manhattan Prep LSAT

Live Courses Unavailable in Smaller Cities

Getting access to in-person courses is a huge draw for a lot of students. However, in some smaller cities, your options may be limited.

If you can’t find a Manhattan Prep LSAT course near you, you can always take the course online, but it won’t be the same experience.

The Logic Game Questions Offered Are Not Authentic

Manhattan Prep LSAT has an online arcade and other ways to practice logic games.

They fully admit that not all of the LSAT logic games they use are directly derived from a test.

While most of the coursework and study materials only use the real deal, some of the LSAT simulations they use for extra practice are synthetic.

These still mimic the format and function of the real questions, but aren’t 100% authentic.

Video Materials Are Not As Comprehensive

Manhattan Prep LSAT offers interactive video lessons. These on-demand options have instruction, challenges, and homework explanations. 

With that said, they’re not quite as comprehensive as those you’ll get with some of the best LSAT courses out there.

Even with over 60 hours of video lessons, the bottom line is that the Manhattan Prep LSAT program tends to be most excellent with in-person experiences.

Some students feel that the video lessons aren’t as comprehensive as they could be.

So if the live classes aren’t available in your area, it might not be the best fit for you, since that’s really where the program shines the most.

Our Recommendation :

If you are looking for live, in-person LSAT prep courses with highly qualified instructors, small class sizes, and plenty of one on one support, Manhattan Prep LSAT is an excellent choice.

Who is this Course Best For? 

Manhattan Prep LSAT is going to work well for a lot of different kinds of students. Because their offerings are so broad, almost anyone can tailor this to work for them.

This program tends to work especially well for students who:

  • Want to get into a top-tier or ivy league law school
  • Are trying to improve their LSAT score
  • Want a self-paced program
  • Want the option to attend live courses online or in-person
  • Need comprehensive materials and have the time to dig into them
  • Are able to tae a higher total LSAT cost into account

Manhattan Prep LSAT Course Format

Manhattan Prep LSAT has many great features. Here are some of the standouts of their course format:

Important Course Format Features

  • Over 60 hours of video lessons. You can stream them on demand at any time.
  • Access to online forums. You can access LSAT forums and get real answers from other students or people who have taken the test already.
  • Online labs and explanations. Practice and get thorough answers for all of your test questions with online forums and instructor access.
  • Manhattan Core Curriculum textbooks. Textbooks are included for reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and logic games.
  • LSAT prep tests. You get access to 20 real, recent tests so that you can familiarize yourself with the style and delivery you’ll encounter on test day.
  • All released LSATs available online. The online portal also allows you to get all of the available, released LSAT tests for even more study.
  • LSAT Navigator. This function analyzes the results of your practice tests, which can add immense value to you as you adjust your study plans to shore up weak areas.

Manhattan Prep LSAT Course Pricing

There are four different ways to buy into the Manhattan Prep LSAT program. Here is a breakdown of those costs and what you get.

Crunchtime workshops
LSAT Interact
Complete Course

private tutoring




online or in person

online or in person

Available before upcoming lsat test dates 

over 60 hours of video instruction

over 30 hours of classroom instruction

last minute review


Online resources

personalized study plan

self paced study

access to all previous lsat exams

strategy guide


Manhattan Prep LSAT Discounts

Some students may be eligible for a discount on Manhattan Prep LSAT.

College students who qualify can get up to 10% off of a complete course with Manhattan Prep LSAT, or 10% off of an Interact session.

Is Manhattan Prep LSAT Worth It?

The Manhattan Prep LSAT is for serious-minded students who are ready to do the work to get a high score on the LSAT. If you follow the study plan, customize it as needed, and are committed to the course of study, it can help you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions that people have about the Manhattan LSAT Prep course.

What Type of Student is Most Likely to Benefit From Taking a Manhattan LSAT Course?

Students who are aiming at a high score and can commit time to studying will do best with the Manhattan Prep LSAT course. There are a ton of materials and several different course options.

You can personalize the experience, but, at the end of the day, the time you put in will pay off in terms of test performance.

Who Would Manhattan Prep LSAT Course Not Be a Good Fit For?

If you have taken any LSAT practice exams and scored at a 165 or above, you may not need a review course at all. You’re probably good to go at that point.

In this case, it may be effective to self-study and see how you do, without needing to buy a program.

How Much Time Should I Spend Studying With Manhattan Prep LSAT?

Any LSAT review program is going to take 150 to 300 hours. This will vary based on how much knowledge you’re coming into it with, and how much time you have to dedicate each day.

Most people spend two to three months studying intensively before they take the test.

How Much Does Manhattan Prep LSAT Cost?

There are several options for buying the Manhattan Prep LSAT. You can buy individual CrunchTime™ sessions for $49 each.

The full courses will vary in price from $599 to $1399. You can also purchase ten hours of private tutoring, starting at $2450.

Improve Your LSAT Score, Guaranteed!

Manhattan Prep LSAT is an intensive,  well structured program featuring in-person and online courses in a classroom environment.