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LSATMax Prep Course Review


Improve your LSAT score with LSATMax, guaranteed.

In this review, we go into full detail to see how LSATMax stacks up against other LSAT prep courses

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LSATMax launched in 2011, and has helped over 100,000 students pass the LSAT.

This program was designed by Mehran Ebadolahi, a Harvard graduate who scored 174 on the LSAT. He acts as the head instructor for the course.

The program pushes most study materials and support through their app, so if you’re looking for an on-the-go, mobile-friendly experience, this might be the course for you.

You can access the course materials from the moment you enroll, with no expiration. Students get personalized analytics and a finely-tuned, customizable remote learning experience.

LSATMax is one of the best LSAT prep courses on the market today.

Here’s the inside scoop on the pros and cons, course features, pricing, and everything else you’ll need to know before you buy the LSATMax prep course. 

LSATMax Pros & Cons

There are a few pros and cons to the way LSATMax is set up and how it delivers the course materials.

Pros Summary

  • Free Private Tuoring: All course levels incluse 1 hour of FREE tutoring. 
  • Mobile app with online access: Study anywhere, any time.
  • Analytic feedback: Track your progress.
  • Higher score guarantee: Proven track record of efficacy.
  • Top notch instructors: Learn from the best.

Cons Summary

  • Study plans aren't completely customizable: Limited options for personalization.
  • Minimal explanations: Doesn't walk you through the questions thoroughly.

Pros for LSATMax LSAT Prep

Mobile app with online access

If you want an app-based experience, LSATMax delivers. As a company, they have always focused all of their efforts on app development.

You can get into all of the materials with full access through their intuitive app. You can both stream online and download directly from the app for later use. There is also a social component where you can login to message boards and communicate directly with instructors.

This high-tech approach is one of the standout features of the LSATMax program.

Analytic feedback

The logic games and questions on the LSAT are complex. The value of practice tests is only as good as the feedback you get. In other words, you get the most benefit if you understand where you went wrong.

With LSATMax, you’ll get a thorough, personalized analysis of your performance that helps you do better each time.

Strategic Overview

LSATMax doesn’t just help you memorize facts and figures, it provides a strategic framework to help you learn.

Understanding the foundational concepts behind test questions will improve your performance. This is accomplished through all of their video and text-based materials.

Higher Score Guarantee

Score higher or your money back -- this is something that a few LSAT prep companies offer.

LSATMax guarantees that you’ll get a higher score when you use their study program, compared to what you scored if you took the test prior to enrolling in the course. 

Top-Notch Instructors

LSATMax instructors are only hired if they performed in the top 99th percentile on the LSAT. They all scored between 173 and 180 and all attended the top five law schools.

This makes them highly qualified to offer instruction and expert advice on how to do well on the test.

Cons for LSATMax

Study Plans Are Not Completely Customizable

The master study calendar covers three and a half months of a dedicated study plan.

While you have some flexibility to set up benchmarks and get analytics based on your performance, the course has limited options for personalization.

Minimal Explanations

While LSATMax instructors are very credentialed (performing in the 99% on the LSAT), some students feel there aren’t thorough enough explanations for logic games and questions.

You may have to dig on the dedicated message boards or find third-party sources to dig deeper.

Our Recommendation: Most Flexible Course Format

If you are looking for a solid, straightforward LSAT prep course, but you don't need one-on-one tutoring or a traditional classroom environment, LSATMax is an excellent choice.

Who is this Course Best For? 

LSATMax is an excellent choice for people who want to study using an app. If you’re a digital native, or at least techie, this will give you some great tools. LSATMax could work well for people who:

  • Are studying on the go
  • Have other jobs and family responsibilities
  • Can’t attend an in-person class
  • Want an online study program
  • Favor app-based learning

For students who want a completely online virtual experience, easy access to instructors, and helpful analytics, LSATMax could be the right choice.

LSATMax Course Format

The LSATMax program is designed with a variety of users in mind. Because of that, the entire program has customizable options that can be tailored to fit your learning style and schedule.

Here are the key features you will get with the LSATMax:

Important Course Format Features

  • Free app with limited content: Perfect for on-the-go learning.
  • Whiteboard video lessons: Covering every question type and concept that appears on the LSAT with video explanations.
  • 80 full-length actual LSATs from previous years: These are Prep Test 1-80 and come in both hardcopy and digital formats.
  • Recommended study calendar: This will keep you on track with scheduling study sessions and milestones to optimize test readiness.
  • Analytics: These are built into the app to track your progress and identify sections that require further study.
  • Daily drills and flashcards: Revisit these over and over to instill key LSAT concepts and enhance memorization.
  • Instructor support: Get face-time (or at least chat time) with your teachers through phone, email, or message boards inside the app.
  • Dedicated message boards: Inside the app, there are specific message boards that correspond to each, individual LSAT question. This laser focuses your Q & A.
  • Downloadable content: While you may love streaming, if you get out of wifi range, you can still access content by downloading it to your device in advance. This is limited to one device per person.
  • Cast the videos: You can use Apple TV or Chromecast to watch all video lessons on your smart TV.
  • Hard copy materials: You can get printed versions of all lessons, homework assignments, diagnostic exams and practice tests.
  • Countdown clock: Get a clear picture of the date you’ll be ready to take the test with this handy, in-app feature.
  • LSAC-approved analog watch: Digital watches aren’t allowed for the LSAT, so brush up on your analog skills and make sure you track that ticking time clock by practicing with the real thing.

LSATMax Pricing

LSATMax has three packages available for purchase. You can finance these through Affirm.

You can see all the financing options and package details on their website, but here’s what the three packages include:

Live + Tutoring

All 95 Prep Tests

LSAT Exam Simulator

Question Explanations

Detailed Analytics

Comprehensive LSAT Course

1k+ Hours Video Instruction


Daily Drills

Live Class Instruction

1 Tutoring Session Each Month

Personalized Support

Higher Score Guarantee*





LSATMax Discounts

There are regular coupon codes and discounts that can save you 5%-10% off of the LSATMax Pro or Premium courses.

Is LSATMax Worth It?

LSATMax is the right investment if you’re looking for an app-based experience you can access on the go. This is really where LSATMax shines.

You can get all of your study resources directly on a smart device, which frees you up to study anywhere, anytime. This flexibility is appealing to people who have other responsibilities or just need access wherever they go.

It’s also the right choice if you like the idea of instructor access and learn well from message boards. Benefitting from other people’s experiences and getting insight from teachers who scored high in the LSAT is a huge plus.

If its features seem like they might be a good fit for you, LSATMax could be the right tool to help you pass the LSAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have more questions about LSATMax, and we’ve got the answers below.

Is LSATMax Legit?

LSATMax is a well-designed, well-organized app-based study program that has helped over 100,000 students prepare for the LSAT. It is a vetted program that has worked out for many people who want to become lawyers.

Will I Still Have Access to Instructors When Studying?

LSATMax offers email, phone, or app-based messaging with instructors for all three of its packages, so you will have access to an instructor if you need them.

However, you may not get as much interaction with them as you would with some of the other LSAT courses out there.

How Much is LSATMax?

You can buy LSATMax in three packages that offer different features. These will range from $995 – $1,995. You can finance through Affirm and lower your cost to a monthly payment.

How Long Does it Take to Go Through LSATMax?

LSATMax gives you instant, lifetime access to all of their materials. The master calendar they send out will give you a plan for about three and a half months of intensive study.

You may take more or less time depending on your learning style, study schedule, and other life responsibilities.

How Does the Financing Work for LSATMax?

Financing for any of the three LSATMax packages is available through Affirm. Depending on if you qualify, you can get 0% APR for 12 months and payments as low as $48/month. Go here to see more info on pricing and financing.

Improve Your LSAT Score, Guaranteed!

LSATMax, a solid virtual LSAT prep course for students on the go.