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Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Review

This intensive LSAT prep course revolves around tutoring and direct instruction. 

It's a premium option for students who really want to go the extra mile.

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Course Materials


For over 15 years, Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses have helped students get the score they want on the LSAT. The Blueprint LSAT Prep is effective for many reasons, from carefully crafted materials to attracting the best talent to funny and engaging videos-- they make LSAT prep fun!

Front and center, Blueprint’s website claims that 98% of students increase their LSAT Score, with 12% of them getting a 170 or higher. Those are impressive numbers, and backed up by a study of Blueprint’s classroom students -- the average performance on proctored practice exams increased by 11 points.

Getting a perfect LSAT score is not easy. If you want to get into a top law school or want to improve your score, Blueprint LSAT review is a course to check out.

The method you use to study for the LSAT can make a big difference in your score, and your law school prospects. This article will give you all of the relevant details to decide if Blueprint LSAT is what you’re looking for.

Blueprint LSAT Pros & Cons

With any course, there will be some awesome and not-so-awesome features.

Blueprint for LSAT has a lot of different options. You can take a self-paced online course, virtual classes with two live instructors, or in-person classes.

Here are some of the more prominent pros and cons you’ll want to know as you research the program options.

Pros Summary

  • Expert LSAT instructors and tutors: Learn from the best.
  • Flexibility in when, where, and how you take the course: Choose between live classes, recorded video lessons on demand, and more.
  • Slick, intuitive platform: Streamlined, carefully designed, and very accessible online platform and app.
  • Unlimited live help: Get on-demand access to real live tutors.

Cons Summary

  • No separate app: Blueprint’s platform is optimized for any screen size. Get an app-like experience without downloading anything.
  • Expensive: Costs more than most other courses.
  • Limited in-person class availability due to the on-going pandemic: There might not be a class near you, or you might not get in because the class is already full.

Pros for Blueprint LSAT Prep

Interactive Online Video Lessons

The self-paced, online video course make the Blueprint for LSAT accessible from anywhere. You can study at your own pace, with plenty of options to attend office hours with a live LSAT expert to answer any questions you may have.  

Expert LSAT Tutors

Blueprint is known for only hiring top-level instructors. With the Blueprint LSAT programs, you’ll get teachers who themselves scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT, and have undergone extensive training to be able to teach in an engaging and entertaining way.

This means that they know firsthand just what it takes to achieve at this level. Whatever score you’re aiming for personally, this expertise is invaluable.

Flexibility In When, Where, And How You Take The Course

There are three main ways to get the most out of the Blueprint LSAT:

- Online anytime (self-paced)
- Classroom (in-person)
- Tutoring (one-on-one via zoom)

You can select the track that best suits your learning style and lifestyle. This may make your LSAT prep easier and more tailored to what you need to excel.

Slick, Intuitive UI

Because compatibility and accessibility are such high priorities in the Blueprint LSAT offerings, there is a streamlined UX that makes it super easy to activate. Their testing interface mimics the same functionality that you’ll see on the actual LSAT exam.

Unlimited Live Help

Getting access to instructors while studying on your own is incredibly helpful to excel forward. This on-demand access means that you can send questions right as they occur to you, ensuring that you don’t leave conceptual stones unturned. You’ll also have access to live Office Hours with an LSAT expert six days per week.

Because the LSAT is such a skills-based test, it’s vital that you don’t miss key ideas or foundational processes. Knowing you can reach out and ask someone adds a layer of support to your study.

Cons for Blueprint LSAT Prep

No App

There's no app but Blueprint’s platform is optimized for any device size so you’ll get a mobile experience that’s just as good without having to download anything.


You get a lot of options with Blueprint LSAT. You also pay a lot for those options.

Blueprint Self-Paced Course costs between $699 to $1,499, depending on the length of access.

Classroom courses cost $1,299.

One-on-one tutoring will cost between $2,399 and $5,399.  

All of this is at the higher end of the scale in terms of price, if you compare it with other LSAT study programs.

Limited In-Person Class Availability

Because Blueprint LSAT tries to limit their class sizes, there is limited availability. This is true both regionally and in terms of classes filling up.

You may live in a location where you can’t get access to an in-person course, or you may simply not get a spot.

Our Recommendation :

If you're willing to invest in a higher-priced LSAT program with lots of access to instructors, Blueprint has great options for self-paced, live online, and in-person. And for a bigger investment, you can work with an expert tutor. 

Who is this Course Best For? 

The Blueprint LSAT Prep is great if you have high ambition and are willing to make the financial and time investment to really dig into studying. At this level, courses are really aimed at people who are taking several months to study for the LSAT.

People who have an
LSAT study schedule in place will benefit from these high-level, high-grade materials. You’ll need dedicated time to engage with all of the course materials.

You’re also paying a premium for one-on-one attention and access to expert instructors. If you have the time and want the focused attention, Blueprint LSAT could get you well on your way toward a high LSAT score.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Format

Blueprint LSAT pretty much ticks all of the boxes in terms of relevant and important study materials. With this program, you’ll get:

Important Course Features

  • 85 practice LSAT exams with 9,000+ actual LSAT questions and explanations: Seeing previous exams and exam questions is hugely important. The LSAT isn’t like any other test you’ve taken. You need to understand how questions are set up and how you’re expected to answer them.
  • Curriculum written by 99th percentile scorers: People who have done well on the LSAT are the ones who wrote the book for Blueprint LSAT. This is important, because their proof positive is that they “get” the concepts and skills the LSAT is testing for. Absorbing this through study materials gives you a distinct advantage.

  • Personalized study plan: In all of the Blueprint LSAT programs, you’ll get a personalized study plan or personalized tutoring plan. This is based on some intake assessment and practice tests. Taking you from your own starting point goes a lot further in getting you successfully to the finish line.
  • Interactive modules with assessments: Knowing how you are (or aren’t) improving is essential to optimizing your LSAT study hours. Blueprint LSAT provides ongoing feedback and explanations for LSAT questions. This gets to the heart of the skills you’re missing or helping you shift your thinking to perform better.
  • Smart homework that adapts to your skill level: Adaptive study plans are trending because they work. Blueprint LSAT uses algorithmic technology to deliver the most relevant content to you. As you study, what you get challenged with or suggested will change. This ensures that you’re honing in on areas that genuinely need improvement.

  • Unlimited access to live online review sessions: Whether you choose the Online Self-Paced Course or Live Online Course, you’ll get access to recordings and a huge library of downloadable video content. This has immense benefit if you’re searching for a specific topic or just want to review what you already heard.
  • Unlimited access to proctored exams with automated scoring and explanations: Proctored practice exams are a key activity in LSAT test prep. This is because you get a real time experience and specific feedback. Knowing how you would actually perform sets expectations for how long you should study for the LSAT.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Pricing

There are several configurations and ways to study with the Blueprint LSAT. Here’s an overview of those options and how much they’ll cost.

Blueprint LSAT Online Anytime Pricing 

Blueprint LSAT Online Anytime is a go-at-your-own-pace, modified self-study option.

You can pay as you go for $299/month, or purchase one of the three packages below for a lower monthly price. 

Monthly Subscription

Renews every 30 days

Video lessons

85+ real lsat practice exams

Unlimited live support

Score increase guarantee


Blueprint LSAT Live Course Pricing

Blueprint LSAT Live Course provides a live online course experience.

BLueprint Live Course
BLueprint 170+ Course




Personalized Study Planner

Sync Study Plan to Calendar App

Accessible Anywhere You Have Internet

Advanced Analytics To Fix Weak Areas

9,000+ Real LSAT Questions

68+ Interactive Learning Modules

Custom Tailored Practice Sets

7,500 Questions With In-Depth Explanations

Proctored Practice Exams Available

Proprietary Adaptive Learning Platform

Over 85 Actual LSAT Exams

Office Hours 6 Days a Week

Access Recorded Office Hour Sessions

Physical Books With Extra Content and Guidance

15 Live Instructional Lessons

2 On-Camera Instructors

Access to Recordings of Live Instructional Lessons

Additional Tutoring Hours Available

37+ Hours of Live Instructor-Led Classes

75+ Hours of Live Instructor-Led Classes

LSAT Coach

Score Increase Guarantee*


170+ LSAT Score Guarantee



Blueprint LSAT Tutoring Pricing

Blueprint LSAT Tutoring provides one-on-one, focused sessions with an LSAT expert. It has a few pricing options, depending on how many hours of tutoring you want. See our best LSAT tutors review article.

crash course

Hours of tutoring




personalized study plan

sessions with
99th percentile
lsat tutor

access to online course

6 months

6 months

6 months

15+ real lsat practice exams

access to all related lsac questions

extra help
6 days a week


*+ one time $99 LSAC PREP PLUS feе

Blueprint LSAT Discounts

You can try Blueprint LSAT risk-free for five days. There are various ways to save money with different plans. With the Blueprint LSAT Online Anytime, you can pay less per month if you increase the duration of your plan.

Blueprint LSAT doesn’t have a global pricing page, so you’ll have to investigate pricing options or current coupon codes on each of their program pages. You can also finance Blueprint LSAT by paying monthly through Affirm.

Is Blueprint LSAT Good?

The Blueprint LSAT is very comprehensive, with classes taught by experts, and a ton of extra supplemental materials thrown in. It’s almost unrivalled in regard to the variety of ways you can experience the materials.

Whether you want something that’s more study-at-your-own-pace or completely one-on-one, you can purchase a program to fit your needs. If you can afford it (and will put in the time to use all the resources), it’s an excellent program that will help you get a great LSAT score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Blueprint LSAT prep program.

Does Blueprint Provide a Score Improvement Guarantee?

Blueprint LSAT has a score improvement guarantee. This is available for first time students who enroll in a live online course and take the LSAT within 30 days of completing it. If their score doesn’t increase, they are eligible to get money back for this guarantee or access to the course for an additional three months.

Are There Payment Plans for Blueprint LSAT Courses?

Blueprint LSAT offers payment plans through Affirm. You may also opt to pay as you go for online courses, instead of paying a lump sum or choosing a 3, 6, or 12 month access option.

Blueprint LSAT: Good or Bad?

Blueprint LSAT is outstanding. It’s a comprehensive program with up-to-date practice tests and almost any study option you could want. It’s expensive but the vast majority of Blueprint students get great results, and excellent LSAT scores.

Blueprint vs Testmasters: How Do They Compare?

Blueprint LSAT is often pitted against TestMasters LSAT Preparation. TestMasters is simply a different study program. It has similar materials, including live online courses and tutoring.

Both programs have top-tier faculty and decades of success helping students pass the LSAT. If you are looking into these programs, it’s best to decide on your personal goals and study preferences to determine which one is right for you.

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With options for on-demand, live online, in-person, and tutoring, find exactly what you're looking for in a Blueprint LSAT program.