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Kaplan LSAT Prep Course Review

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Kaplan LSAT Prep offers a comprehensive LSAT review course in a structured classroom environment, with classes available either live or online. It's a great choice for students looking for a more traditional classroom experience.

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Overall Score 4.5/5

The Kaplan LSAT Review helps thousands of students get ready for this test each year, through both virtual and live LSAT prep classes that teach you everything you need to know about how to study for the LSAT effectively.

Compared to other LSAT prep courses, Kaplan LSAT Review offers more variety in how you can use the resources and materials. You can take unique courses, attend classes in person, or pick and choose items from their test practice programs.

Kaplan also offers a higher degree of one-on-one interaction and in-person instruction, making them a great fit for students who prefer learning in a classroom environment.

Kaplan itself is a huge test-prep company. They provide courses for major tests in many fields. The business has been in operation for 80 years, and is proud of both their track record and current reputation as one of the premier options for LSAT success.

Read on to learn how the Kaplan LSAT Prep could help you. We’ll give you all the details on the course itself, what your options are, how much it costs, and how it works.

Kaplan LSAT Pros & Cons

There are several pros and a few cons to the Kaplan LSAT program:

Pros Summary

  • Higher score guarantee: Kaplan guarantees that your score will improve.
  • One-on-one tutoring: Get access to one-on-one tutoring from a real instructor, in a classroom setting or remotely.
  • Live instructors and classes: Livestream LSAT classes, or attend them in person.
  • Huge content library and LSAT channel: Access to tons of great study resources.
  • Personalized study plans and analytics: Get customized feedback and study plans tailored to you.

Cons Summary

  • Price for tutoring: More expensive than other courses.
  • No free trial: You can't try Kaplan before you buy.
  • Larger class sizes: Classes may have as many as thirty students.
  • Lower standards for instructors: Instructors must have scored at least 160, compared to 170 for many other courses.

Pros for Kaplan LSAT Prep

Higher Score Guarantee

Kaplan offers a higher score guarantee, which is so famous it has its own acronym: HSG.

The Kaplan higher score guarantee is unique. A lot of test prep companies offer this if a student has failed the test the first time. If they still don’t pass using the new program, they’ll get their money back.

Kaplan takes it a step further. Students can take a Kaplan proctored diagnostic test OR use a previous official test score. Either of these is used as a baseline.

After a student has completed the entire program, they can send a verified score in. If it isn’t higher than their initial score, they can get fully reimbursed.

One-on-One Tutoring

Kaplan LSAT tutoring is another distinctive feature of the program. Unlike many other courses, they provide one-on-one access to an experienced LSAT tutor to help you work through some of the questions.

Kaplan’s one-on-one tutoring is available both in-person and online.

Private tutoring comes at a premium price, but for many students, it’s worth it.. For an extra fee, you can add this tutoring connection to the rest of your prep materials.

Tutors have various credentials, but all of them have a professional background in law. You can get up to 40 hours of tutoring, as well as proctored practice exams, to help you get ready to take the LSAT.

Live Instructors and Classes

Kaplan gives you the option to either livestream LSAT prep classes, or attend them in person. Both of these options feature live instruction in a classroom setting.

Online lectures provide a total of eight four-hour sessions of live instruction, as well as two proctored practice exams. In-person classes provide seven four-hour sessions of instruction and one proctored diagnostic test. 

Pro: Huge Content Library and LSAT Channel

Kaplan learning materials include physical and digital textbooks. You can purchase the LSAT Prep Plus package, which is updated annually with the latest greatest study materials and relevant practice questions and logic games.

You can also buy the LSAT Logic Games Prep Plus, also updated for the year. This option gives you the inside scoop about how to do well on the Logic Games section of the test.

Two other textbook options include the LSAT PrepTests, which feature official practice tests that are analyzed by expert instructors. This gives you a behind the scenes look at how the test is set up, and the logic behind the material you will encounter.

Even more video content is available on the Kaplan LSAT Channel. This is where all of the live, online lectures are housed. You can view these in real time, or stream any time for extra test prep.

Personalized Study Plans and Analytics

The Kaplan LSAT study schedule is designed for customization. You can design your own study plan, guided by the app, and curate your own sessions and practice materials.

Having an individualized study plan could be enormously valuable and time-saving. You can really dive deep on concepts you struggle with and shore up skills you’ll need to pass the test.

Kaplan LSAT practice tests also focus on measuring progress and test readiness. With numerous, proctored tests, you can get an instant idea of whether or not you’re ready for the real thing.

These analytics inform your study, and can be a good foundation that informs your timeline and study habits.

Cons for Kaplan LSAT Prep

Price for Tutoring

While the promise of one-on-one attention from an LSAT expert is a great idea, some students find the price tag a little too hefty.

Pushing your final cost to over $2k, this additional resource may be beyond the reach of a studier on a budget.

No Free Tour

The Kaplan LSAT prep free trial gives you access to lessons, a class and a four-hour practice test. While that’s valuable, you don’t get access to the entire program.

This means that you don’t get to see the dashboard, interact with the materials, try loading things on your own devices, etc. This may be a deterrent.

If you’re going to make this investment, you may want to try it before you buy it.

Larger Class Sizes

As many as 30 students are in each class. This is a pretty high ratio for students to a single instructor.

Many of the packages include three hours of one-on-one instruction, which may offset this con a little.

Lower Standards For Instructors

Instructors in the Kaplan LSAT Prep are required to have scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the LSAT. This is a score of 164 or higher.

Some of the other test prep companies require their instructors to have scored 170 or more.

Our Recommendation : Best Support & Best Price

If you are looking for a traditional classroom experience with live instruction, Kaplan LSAT Prep is a top choice. While it's one of the pricier options on the market, it's a great choice for many students who benefit from a structured environment.

Who is this Course Best For? 

  • The Kaplan LSAT prep materials will appeal to a few different kinds of students.

    Kaplan may be the right choice for you if you:
  • Want an in-person class that you physically attend
  • Want the option to purchase one-on-one tutoring
  • Need the accountability of a structured class, with assignments due, etc.
  • Want as many real practice tests as possible

Kaplan LSAT Course Format

Kaplan LSAT has a pretty straightforward structure with a lot of resources.

While you can customize some of your options, such as adding tutoring, for the most part, with any Kaplan package you’ll get the following:

Important Course Format Features

  • In-person or live online class sessions with experienced instructors: Both the live-streamed and in-person classes are conducted in a typical classroom-style setting, with lectures and some interaction.
  • One-on-one time with instructors: Three hours of one-on-one facetime with an instructor are included in all of the Kaplan LSAT packages. This gives you the chance to get help and ask questions in real time.
  • On-demand online library: Kaplan has tons of on-demand digital materials that you can stream or download.
  • Hundreds of hours of live, interactive workshops: You can preview the Kaplan LSAT prep style by signing up for some of their free seminars and events.
  • In-class practice LSATs and access to more than 70 additional LSATs online: The proctoring tools are one of the biggest strengths of this program, according to many of its students. You can benefit from real practice tests, and get insight into the tools that are used to score the LSAT.
  • Custom quizzes: Every released LSAT question (7,500+) includes QuizBank to create custom quizzes. A huge test bank sounds great until you’re trying to memorize content. This program wittles down the actual list of ideas you need to nail by letting you create custom quizzes based on your answers to questions.
  • Smart Reports™ customized feedback on practice exams: This feature evaluates your practice tests to laser focus your study materials. It’s a great resource that gives you the ultimate customization and targets vital concepts that may be missing in your understanding.
  • Additional tutoring as needed: If you need the extra help, it’s worth the investment to get a tutor who can help you cross the finish line.
  • Higher score guarantee: The higher score guarantee sets the expectation that you will do well studying with this program. It also means that Kaplan itself believes that if you follow this course of study, you’ll perform well on the LSAT.

Kaplan LSAT Exam Prep Pricing

Here's an overview of Kaplan LSAT Prep's three different pricing tiers..

On demand
in person: Small Class


4 - 12 months

4 - 12 months

4 - 12 months

Eight, 4-hour sessions of  instruction

Unlimited access to the LSAT channel

60+ official LSAT tests & proctoring tools

300+ Customized quizzes

Real LSAT questions

Smart Reports™ Analytics

LSAT Prep books and Materials

Scheduled class and free makeup classes

Private  Tutoring

Tutoring + Live Online Course

everything offered in other tiers, plus:

Choose from 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of private, 1-on-1 tutoring

Personalized attention from an LSAT expert

Assignments designed for your needs

180+ hours of live and on demand lessons

Every official LSAT question ever released

A full LSAT live, online course

LSAT Bootcamp

everything offered in other tiers, plus:

4 weeks of full-time, concentrated LSAT prep 

140 hours of live class instruction

8 hours of one-on-one tutoring sessions

Kaplan LSAT Discounts

The relatively high Kaplan price can be offset a little by some of their regular promos and discounts.

Currently, you can get 10% off with a Kaplan LSAT discount code from their website.

Is Kaplan LSAT Prep Worth It?

The Kaplan LSAT prep has a little something for everybody. If you want self-paced study, they’ve got that. If you want to go sit in a classroom with a teacher, you can schedule that. If you want tons of real practice tests and assignments, that’s available.

Kaplan has a lot of history in this industry, so their materials are expertly designed and appeal to a wide variety of students and learning styles.

If you want a comprehensive program with the option to get one-on-one attention, the Kaplan LSAT prep course could be worth your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more info? Here are the answers to some common questions about Kaplan LSAT Prep.

Is Kaplan LSAT Prep worth it?

Kaplan LSAT prep is a great program that has helped many people pass the test. While it is more expensive than some of its competitors, it has comprehensive materials and live classes that can benefit students.

Does Kaplan use real LSAT questions?

Kaplan LSAT prep uses real LSAT questions and real, released LSAT tests from previous years to prepare its students to take the exam.

What LSAT prep course is best?

There isn’t really one single answer to this question. There are many different LSAT prep courses. There is something for every kind of learner. Each program has different features and a unique style that may be the right choice for you.

Check out our comparison - Kaplan vs Princeton Review LSAT Course. Also, don't forget about our post on LSAT tips for more helpful advice on LSAT prep.

What's wrong with Kaplan for LSAT prep?

Some students feel that Kaplan LSAT prep is too expensive. While it does cost more than some other test prep programs, it has a lot of extra features that students find useful.

How long do you have access to Kaplan online?

You have access to the Kaplan LSAT Prep for as long as you are enrolled.

How much is the Kaplan LSAT course?

Kaplan LSAT prep can be purchased in a few different ways.

For $700, you can opt for a self-paced option, with no live classes. For online or in-person live classes, you will pay between $1,200 and $1,700.

There is an additional fee for tutoring.

How does Kaplan refund LSAT?

Kaplan offers a higher score guarantee, promising that students who take their prep course will obtain a higher score on the LSAT than they did before.

Students are eligible for participation by taking a proctored practice test or submitting a previous LSAT score. This is the baseline against which your final LSAT score is measured.

If you don’t test higher after following the Kaplan LSAT prep course of study, they will reimburse you the cost.

Improve Your LSAT Score, Guaranteed!

Kaplan, a great choice if you're looking for structure & guidance.