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Resources that Work for Busy Students to Pass the LSAT

We make the LSAT clear and simple.

The LSAT is a notoriously unique, strange, and difficult test.

It’s going to be one of the hardest tests you’ve ever taken.

It’s not like taking the SAT or ACT. It tests a very unusual set of skills, closer to taking an IQ test.

It’s designed to assess your reasoning abilities -- including both logical and analytical reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

If you want to get into law school, there’s no way around it – you’ll have to not only take the LSAT, but excel at it.

Our mission is to demystify the LSAT

We offer reviews of the latest top tier LSAT prep courses, along with helpful information and study tips to get you fully prepared for the test.

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LSAT tips & tricks

LSAT Tips & Tricks

Get the latest scoop on the current LSAT test, its content, and its quirks. We’ve got tons of helpful tips to maximize your studying efficiency and help you feel completely and fully prepared for exam day.

14 Smart LSAT Tips for Savvy Students

LSAT Exam info

LSAT Exam Information

Learn everything you need to know about the LSAT Exam, such as testing windows, fees, exam format, and much more. Be sure to be up to date with all the info you'll need to apply and take the LSAT.

See the LSAT Test Dates for 2020

LSAT Prep Books

Find the best Lsat prep books

Still not sure what is the best LSAT study materials for you? Read our most popular LSAT Prep Books reviews and choose for yourself. After all, not each LSAT book is created equal.

The 13 Best LSAT Prep Books Money Can Buy

LSAT Prep Course Reviews

The LSAT is such a unique and difficult test that studying on your own can be challenging. If you really want to up your LSAT score, a good LSAT review course can be an incredible investment in your future.

But how do you pick the right one? There are tons of them out there, from many different companies. Some are well known, like Kaplan and Magoosh. Others are newer and more obscure. Or you can simply choose the best LSAT prep course discount.

Each LSAT prep course is unique, with a different set of features and resources to help you get the best score possible.

Some are completely online, or even totally app-based. Others feature live, in-person courses you can take. Some even offer one-on-one private tutoring for an extra fee.

Our thorough LSAT prep course reviews are designed to help you choose the very best course for your individual preferences, lifestyle, and learning style.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile-friendly online experience compatible with your busy lifestyle, or an intensive one-on-one experience with qualified tutors who know their stuff, there’s a prep course out there for you.

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