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TestMasters LSAT Prep Course Review

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TestMasters LSAT Prep Courses are well-regarded and effective. They offer in-person classes and an online program, with a score increase guarantee and course content by someone with a perfect LSAT score.
In this review, we cover the full details to see how TestMasters compares with other LSAT prep courses.

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Overall Score 3.8/5

TestMasters is a well-established test prep company that has some solid options to help you pass the LSAT. You can buy streaming or on-demand classes, get live classes in cities throughout the U.S. and buy packages with one-on-one support. 

Because it isn’t the most technologically advanced program, there are a few drawbacks to the TestMasters LSAT. While it won’t be the right fit for every LSAT candidate, it helps a lot of people pass the LSAT. Finding the best LSAT prep course for you is an essential early step in your journey toward law school. A great LSAT score is going to determine which programs you can get into. As you look into which LSAT study program to follow, here’s more info on what TestMaster can offer.

TestMasters LSAT Pros & Cons

The LSAT score you need to achieve is all about what law school you want to go to. Some law schools are known for specialties. As you narrow down a shortlist, you’ll also understand how ambitious your law school prep needs to be.

TestMasters has a score increase guarantee (if you’re retaking the LSAT) and features highly qualified instructors. You can really invest in TestMasters programs, spending several thousand dollars to get one-on-one attention from a pro. While the program has great reviews and is considered one of the best, there are pros and cons to LSAT TestMasters course materials. Here are some of them.

Pros Summary

  • Database of every LSAT question ever released since 1991: Get the real deal from your practice exams.
  • Diagnostic scoring: Gain valuable insights into your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reasonable prices for tutoring: Get the help you need while going easy on your wallet.
  • Course creator is a genuine authority in the field: Founded and run by an LSAT expert who got a perfect score on the test.

Cons Summary

  • No mobile app: Does not include a dedicated mobile app.
  • Course access for a limited time only: When you sign up, you'll get four months of access.

Pros for TestMasters LSAT Prep

Database of Every LSAT Question Ever Released since 1991

This is a distinct pro and a distinction among all other LSAT test prep programs. No other LSAT review course can boast this kind of extensive, historical database. You may already know that the LSAT isn’t a knowledge-based test. What it really aims for is to test your skills and ability to apply concepts and logic. The more you interact with real LSAT test material, the more you’ll understand how questions are framed and how to solve problems or craft answers. The TestMasters database of LSAT questions and LSAT practice tests can go a long way in getting you where you need to be.

Diagnostic Scoring

An LSAT practice test is a reasonable starting point for any LSAT study program. The TestMasters courses offer as many as twenty diagnostics. These are full length and cover five major areas of knowledge. TestMasters has a proprietary scoring system that provides detailed reports. These reports can provide huge insights into points of weaknesses and where you’re routinely underperforming. This is a huge advantage of the program.

Reasonable Prices for Tutoring

LSAT tutoring is always expensive, because you’re getting attention from incredibly skilled and qualified people. Most companies will charge between $100 and $150/hour for LSAT tutors.

Private LSAT tutoring with TestMasters can happen in-person or over the phone. All TestMasters tutors have scored in the 98th percentile (or higher) on their LSAT.

For the Platinum Tutoring package, you’ll pay a discounted rate of $115/hour for 80 hours of tutoring.

Course Creator is a Genuine Authority in the Field

Robin Singh is the founder of TestMasters. He has instructed more than 10,000 students. In 1988, Singh got a perfect score on the LSAT. The test-taking methods he used to pull that off form the core of the TestMasters strategy. Now, TestMasters has helped hundreds of thousands of law school candidates excel on the LSAT.

Cons for TestMasters LSAT Prep

No Mobile App

For many people, studying for the LSAT needs to have some on-the-go options. Most people won’t be able to take a break from school or work to dedicate unlimited study time. This means that mobile apps are important. Unfortunately, TestMasters doesn’t have one.

Course Access for a Limited Time Only

Once you sign up for TestMasters, you have four months of access. Many people study for the LSAT for about that long.

If for some reason your studies are going to take longer or if you want to retake the LSAT, you may lose access to the TestMasters material sooner than you’d like.

Our Recommendation :

If you're looking for a solid LSAT prep class designed to really help you excel and go the extra mile, TestMasters LSAT Prep is an excellent choice. You can take the class online, in person, or even privately via one-on-one tutoring.

Who is this Course Best For? 

TestMasters has a legacy of in-person test prep programs. Because this has been such a huge part of the business, it remains one of their best-liked offerings. If you like the accountability and interaction of an in-person LSAT class, TestMasters may be a great option for you. 

It’s also true that TestMasters can fast-track LSAT test prep. Because Singh’s methods are steeped in research and a huge quantity of study materials, if you are super ambitious, you won’t run out of options. Want to get a perfect score on the LSAT? Singh did, and he may be able to help you do it too.

Whether you are a first timer who’s aiming at a top score or someone retaking the test, TestMasters is a great way to help you achieve your goals.

TestMasters LSAT Online Course Format

The TestMasters online courses have simple, classroom style whiteboard videos and a ton of supplemental materials.

With a huge library of previous LSAT questions and more than 60 LSAT practice tests, there is more than enough practice to keep you going for however many weeks you intend to study.

Here are some of the standout course features:

Important Course Format Features

  • 160 hours of Robin's instructional videos. Robin Singh is the personality behind TestMasters. As founder and CEO, he is the one you will watch in all of your videos. Online reviews reference his easy-to-understand communication and articulate delivery style
  • 20 digital practice exams. There are a lot of practice exams with TestMaster. You can take these in a timed format and then use your answers and answer explanations to work on issues.
  • Over 9,500 official LSAT questions. Every LSAT question was crafted in a certain way. Getting used to the style and delivery of these questions is essential to passing the LSAT. With nearly 10k, TestMasters will give you plenty of material to work with.

  • TestMasters online resource center. The online resource center is something that can only be accessed if you’ve bought a TestMasters course. Once in, you gain access to a wealth of additional materials as well as 24/7 study support.
  • Written explanations. Alongside its immense bank of LSAT test questions and LSAT practice tests come written explanations. Over thousands of pages, TestMasters authors illustrate how you should answer LSAT questions. These include diagramming, visualizations and explanations of logical reasoning.
  • Diagnostic scoring. Practicing “like it’s the real thing” helps people do better on the LSAT. Getting down the rhythm and timing of questions is a huge part of this. TestMasters provides twenty full-length diagnostic tests that then go through their sophisticated scoring software.
  • LSAT search engine. The quantity of data and material within TestMasters LSAT courses kind of necessitated this move. The TestMasters LSAT search engine lets you search for and find LSAT questions for any and every topic you desire. It saves a lot of time.
  • 24/7 academic support. In the online resource center, you’ll get around the clock support from LSAT specialists and advisors. This can prove to be a huge benefit, giving you the ability to pick their brain or ask burning questions that come up when you study.

TestMasters LSAT Pricing

There are three different purchase options for TestMasters LSAT test prep materials. You can buy an online course, classroom course or private course.

Both the classroom course and private course are offered live. All three packages come with a 10-point score increase guarantee.

online course
Classroom Course
Private Course

16 LSAT classes

1200 pages of lsat class material

60 real lsat practice exams

score increase guarantee


TestMasters LSAT Discounts

There are a few ways to get a discount for a TestMaster LSAT class.

For in-person, full length courses, you can get group discounts.

For example, the TestMaster website lists a $25 per person discount with a three to four student group. For groups of 10 or more, students may receive a $100 discount.

Is TestMasters LSAT Prep Good?

TestMasters LSAT prep is a well-known, well-liked program. It’s geared toward people who want methods and advanced test-taking strategies. It is also a good program for law school candidates who want to get into a top school by getting a high LSAT score. With a program like this, a 170+ may be attainable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional answers to questions you may have about TestMasters LSAT review.

Is TestMasters Good for LSAT?

TestMasters is a thorough, comprehensive LSAT study program. You can buy online or in-person courses as well as LSAT tutoring. The price ranges from $899 to well over $3,000 for full tutoring packages. Some of the benefits are instruction from someone who got a perfect score on the LSAT and more LSAT questions and practice tests than any other LSAT study program.

Blueprint vs. TestMasters: Which is Better?

TestMasters and Blueprint LSAT prep have some similar approaches to LSAT study. Blueprint has sharp, online prep courses, private tutoring and practice exams. TestMasters has great online instruction, in-person options, one-on-one tutoring and the most practice exams of any test prep company on the market. TestMaster’s advantage lies in their diagnostic scoring software. You can regularly take tests and get comprehensive feedback on your performance. This may provide an edge to any other LSAT test prep program, including Blueprint. They’re both great options to prepare for the LSAT.

TestMasters vs. PowerScore: Which is Better?

PowerScore is a heavy hitter in the test prep world. Frequently, TestMasters and PowerScore are considered neck and neck in terms of quality and quantity of LSAT study content. PowerScore was actually founded by Dave Killoran, who used to work at TestMasters. Many of their approaches to study and methodologies are connected. Both programs have in-person and online classes as well as tutoring and extra materials. You may want to reach out to both companies and make an individual inquiry or talk with an advisor to make this decision, because the margins between both are razor thin.

TestMasters vs. Kaplan: Which is Better?

TestMasters and Kaplan both offer test prep programs for all kinds of professional tests, and both offer score increase guarantees as proof of effectiveness. Although TestMasters has better Reddit reviews and online reviews than Kaplan, they don't have a free trial. Check out our review of Kaplan's LSAT program, and try it before you decide.

Improve Your LSAT Score with TestMasters LSAT Prep

TestMasters LSAT Prep can provide the tools and practice you need to score high on the LSAT, and offers a guarantee to back it up.