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Alpha Score LSAT Review

Alpha Score LSAT Exam Review

Alpha Score is one of the popular LSAT Prep Courses. It is run by Greg Smith, a practicing lawyer, instructor, and lifelong student teacher. 

This course is a great method to prepare for the LSAT exam, which many satisfied students can confirm.

Here is our full review.

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Alpha Score LSAT Exam Review

Overall Score 4.4/5

The LSAT is a unique test, requiring both a deep understanding of complex concepts and a high degree of test-taking skill.

Alpha Score LSAT prep helps candidates in the U.S. and Canada pass the LSAT exam. It does this by teaching you how to perform well on the unique logic games, exam questions, and comprehension exercises you’ll encounter on the test.

Built around official LSAT exams, Alpha Score systematically covers all of the essential content in informative video lessons, with plenty of practice questions to help you prepare to take the test.

Alpha Score Seminars Inc. opened in 2003. Since then, they have continually built a large bank of online resources and helped thousands of students pass the LSAT.

In addition to a standard core of curriculum materials, they offer personal assistance from instructors. This presents a key advantage for students, because instructors can provide in-depth analyses of official LSAT questions. This one-on-one instruction can help give you more opportunities to practice foundational concepts and skills.

This article covers all of the main selling points, pros and cons of this comprehensive LSAT prep course.

Alpha Score LSAT Pros & Cons

There are several pros and a few cons to the Alpha Score LSAT program:

Pros Summary

  • Fun and engaging course: Lively and fun to engage with
  • Effective test-taking strategies: Enhance your test taking skills
  • Ability to speed up or slow down lectures: Consume the material at your own pace
  • Most budget friendly course: Affordable for students on a budget
  • Uses real LSAT questions: Learn with material from actual LSAT tests

Cons Summary

  • Limited free trial: Trial version doesn't give you all the tools
  • Fewer resources for reading comprehension: Test is more focused on logic questions
  • One instructor: One specific instructor does all the videos
  • Lack of score improvement evidence: No real data on whether previous customers passed the LSAT

Pros for Alpha Score LSAT Prep

Engaging and Fun Course

Alpha Score LSAT is presented in a fun and engaging way. The video tutorials are all HD and a simple presentation.

Basically, they’re easy on the eyes and won’t bore you.

There is one primary instructor who is super qualified, but also relatable and a good communicator.

This will be helpful, because there are over 50 hours of lectures to sit through.

While you don’t have to watch them all, you’ll feel better doing it knowing it won’t be painful or tedious.

Effective Test-Taking Strategies

Students attest to really liking the way Alpha Score LSAT breaks down and explains test questions, teaching you how to study for the LSAT effectively.

Because of the complexity of the many different facets of the LSAT, like the logic games, understanding the basic concepts and principles is key. By circling back to each element of a question, you can grow in your ability to find correct answers faster.

This is a hugely advantageous strategy that will help you when you take the test.

Ability to Speed Up or Slow Down Lectures

Alpha Score LSAT allows you to speed up or slow down lectures. Whether you are a note-taker or a speed-listener, this has advantages.

Additionally, with 12 months of course access, you can set a pace of study that works for your lifestyle.

This means that how often and for how long you study can largely be determined by your other work or life obligations, giving you the right timeline you need to succeed.

Free 1-Month Trial

One huge distinctive feature of the Alpha Score LSAT prep is a full free month trial.

This gives you access to a sampling of curriculum materials, including three video lessons and one official LSAT exam. You also get to practice 125 practice questions from the LSAT.

The paid versions make the materials available for 12 months, so this first month is a good way to learn if you’re willing to make that investment.

Most Budget-Friendly Course

Alpha Score LSAT is budget-friendly. A lot of LSAT courses have either a hefty up-front cost, or a recurring subscription fee.

Also, you may only get other courses for as little as three months, where you get Alpha Score for 12 months. This can be a huge cost saver, especially if your studies take longer than expected.

Uses Real LSAT Questions

The LSAT is complicated and really unique. What you encounter will be unlike other tests. This is meant to challenge your critical thinking and logic skills.

While that’s a great predictor of success as a lawyer, it can make test prep difficult. Alpha Score prides itself on using the real deal. You get authentic exam questions and logic games from previous years.

This helps you nail the style and rhythm of the test, and to determine the best responses to specific questions.

Cons for Alpha Score LSAT Prep

Limited Free Trial

While the one month free trial is an awesome resource to see how you like the program, it only gives you a sneak peek of the available tools.

Alpha Score has a huge bank of questions and other test prep resources. You preview a fraction of these in the free trial.

While you get them for a month, you’ll realize pretty quickly that you have to pay if you want to start test prep for real.

Fewer Resources for Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a big portion of the LSAT exam. This tests how well you can understand what you read and reflect it back, and whether you can provide the right solutions for problems.

Alpha Score LSAT doesn’t have the strongest module to refine this skill. They offer test prep for this in audio lectures with animated slides. There is also a downloadable PDF resource that you can use.

But overall, there's a much stronger focus on other areas of the test, especially logical reasoning, than on reading comprehension.

This lean area could be an issue if reading comprehension isn’t a strength of yours.

Only One Instructor

Greg Smith is the primary instructor for the Alpha Score video courses. He’s engaging, personable, and relatable.

However, because he does almost all of the videos, he’s pretty much what you get.

He’s pretty young, stands in front of a whiteboard and has an easy teaching style. However, at this point, the one month free trial could be valuable, just in case his delivery doesn’t match your learning style.

Lack of Score Improvement Evidence

Alpha Score LSAT has only been around for a few years. They have yet to publish score improvements. Some companies do this, which gives you an idea of how well people do on the LSAT after studying with them.

This is missing from the Alpha Score LSAT prep, so it’s hard to determine the likelihood that it will result in you passing the test.

Who is this Course Best For? 

  • Alpha Score LSAT is a high quality option for a lot of people. It’s affordable, it’s mobile-friendly, and it has plenty of study materials.

    Alpha Score may be the best choice for you if:

    - You want to, or have to, work at a certain pace. You get the program for 12 months, giving you more flexibility than other options for the length of your test prep.
    - You want or need personalized instruction or direct answers to your questions as you go.
    - You are self-motivated and are willing to dig a little to get a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know to pass the LSAT. (Check our our post on LSAT tips for more study advice.)

Alpha Score LSAT Course Format

  • Alpha Score LSAT has a pretty straightforward structure. You’ll get:

    - Video lessons
    - Audio lessons
    - Downloads
    - Practice questions
    - Quizzes and assignments
    - Additional explanations
    - Option for personal tutoring

    Below is some more info about each of these course components.

Important Course Format Features

  • More than 50 HD video lessons and tutorials. 

    Alpha Score LSAT has over 50 instructional videos to help you learn content. You can speed these up by listening at 1.5x or 2x speed, or listen at half speed to take things in more slowly.

    While this may seem unusual, it’s a huge benefit if you’re reviewing the same video twice, or are trying to take notes as you go.

    These are mostly classroom style videos, where the instructor stands in front of a whiteboard.

  • 61 official LSAT exams (with Premium LSAT course). This study program has a ton of official LSAT exams for you to practice on. You'll get a total of 61 exams with the LSAT Premium package, or 10 with the Complete LSAT Course package.

    Seeing and experiencing “real” exams has huge benefits.

    It can give you a solid understanding of how the test feels: how long it is, how long each question could take, how you should pace yourself. It also gives you a feel for the language and delivery of the questions and logic games.

    This will help you develop your test-taking skills so you excel on the day of your exam.

  • 6000+ LSAT practice questions (with the Premium LSAT course). A large test question bank is a huge plus to any LSAT study program. With the Premium LSAT package, you'll get over 6,000 questions, all of them from previous tests.

    The Complete LSAT package offers 1,000 questions.

    This is because the LSAT is unique. It doesn’t have straightforward questions at all. It’s designed to be a little tricky. It’s supposed to get a read on your actual abilities to solve problems in real-world scenarios and work through complex logic to find the right answers.

    By practicing these questions, you’ll better understand areas in which you may be weak and need to work on.
  • 12 month subscription. Some LSAT test prep programs only give you access for three months or so. Having a full calendar year of access means that you’ll be safe if your test date changes, or if you realize you just need more time to get all of this down.

    Twelve months of access (for either package) can help you breathe a little easier and take the right amount of time you need to prepare, so you pass the LSAT the first time.
  • Practice quizzes and assignments. While hitting the full-length test multiple times in practice is helpful, it’s equally important to break up the concepts into smaller doses. This gives you the chance to memorize and apply core ideas.

    Alpha Score LSAT has practice quizzes and assignments that are designed to strengthen your memory and logic muscles. This mastery will make you strong in these areas, which you’ll need to do well on the test.
  • In-depth explanations. Because you aren’t dealing with yes/no, true/false equations in the LSAT, you need to know why a given answer is right or wrong.

    As you practice the test and quizzes and get the cadence of logic games down, Alpha Score LSAT will provide in-depth explanations in both videos and downloadable materials.

    This gives you a peek behind the curtain as to why a question was asked, what they were really getting at, and how to get it right.
  • Personal instructor assistance. If you reach out, you can get personal instructor or tutor assistance from the Alpha Score LSAT. This comes with both paid packages. If you are the kind of person who needs a straight explanation or specific info, this is immensely beneficial.

Alpha Score LSAT Pricing

Here’s what you’ll pay for and get with the Alpha Score LSAT packages.

 LSAT Course
LSAT Course


3 Months

3 months

over 50 video lessons
and tutorials

10 lsat practice exams

61 lsat practice exams

12 months of access

practice quizzes
and assignments

in-depth explanations

personal instructor
assistance and tutoring


Alpha Score LSAT Discount

You can get a 10% discount on the price of all the courses by using LSAT Clarity's promo code! Just pick your preferred course and add lsatclarity just before payment confirmation. It's that simple.

Is Alpha Score LSAT Good?

The Alpha Score LSAT prep gets high marks for engaging videos and ample practice test materials. While it lacks some quality in the reading comprehension materials, getting 12 months of access is a huge balancing benefit.

With plenty of additional study guides, schedules, free videos, and other online resources, you can easily supplement the paid package to get everything you need to pass the LSAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional answers to questions you may have about the Alpha Score LSAT review.

Does Alpha Score work on mobile?

Yes. Alpha Score LSAT prep is fully accessible from any mobile or smart device.

How well is each section of the LSAT covered in this course?

Alpha Score LSAT has materials for each section of the LSAT. For reading comprehension, there are only audio files with accompanying PDF downloads and slides. For all other sections, there are video lectures.

How does the free trial work?

You receive a limited preview of the Alpha Score LSAT with a free, month-long trial. This gives you access to three of the video lessons, one official LSAT exam and 125 LSAT practice questions. To get it, you have to sign up, create an account, and agree to terms.

Learn anytime, anywhere, and replay the course as many times as you want.

Alphascore is a great option for students who want all the time the need.

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