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7Sage LSAT Prep Course Review

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Can you improve your LSAT score with 7Sage LSAT Review?

In this review, we go into full detail to see if it can compete, or even beat, the other LSAT exam prep courses.

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Overall Score 3.5/5

7Sage LSAT Review is a robust LSAT prep course program that offers thousands of videos, LSAT question explanations, an active online community, and other resources to help people pass the LSAT. 

The 7Sage review course was developed by a couple of graduates of Harvard Law School. It’s priced well, compared to a lot of LSAT prep courses, and includes a lot of bonus features, like an Admissions Course, professional essay editing and more. 

Here’s some info about what 7Sage LSAT can offer, and how you could benefit from the program.

7Sage LSAT Pros & Cons

As with any LSAT review course, there are some pros and cons to 7Sage. It has increased a lot in popularity since its invention, having now helped over 100,000 students with their LSAT studies. There is a lot to love and a few things to consider.

Pros Summary

  • Huge resource library: Tons of great study materials.
  • Affordable price: Budget-friendly pricing.
  • Personalized study plans: Customize your LSAT prep experience.
  • 14-day free trial: Try 7Sage free for two full weeks.
  • 6-day refund period: Get a full refund any time within the first six days.
  • Analytics and progress tracking: Keep track as you learn and improve.

Cons Summary

  • No live lessons: All materials are pre-recorded.
  • No tutoring program: 7Sage does not offer one-on-one or group tutoring with live instructors.
  • No higher score guarantee: 7Sage does not promise your score will improve.

Pros for 7Sage LSAT Prep

Huge Resource Library

One of the most valuable things from any LSAT review course is the resources. And 7Sage does not disappoint. Once you buy the 7Sage LSAT review course, you’ll get access to a ton of resources. Some of the 7Sage LSAT resources include Logic Game Explanations, Problem Sets, PrepTests, LSAT analytics, LSAT prep tools and more. Having a huge bank of previous LSAT test questions, along with thorough explanations, goes a long way toward supporting your practice of the LSAT skills.

Affordable Price

7Sage is easily one of the least expensive LSAT courses. When you buy in, you can pay by month, meaning that you get access for as long as you need it. Monthly subscriptions cost between $69-$99/month. Alternatively, you can pay $599 and get access for a full year.

Personalized Study Plans

Finding the right LSAT study course may necessitate as much personalization as possible. Depending on your schedule, other commitments, previous knowledge and a host of other factors, you want a customized plan to prepare for the LSAT. 

7Sage offers a variety of study schedule options. You’ll simply enter your start and end date or your study rate (how many hours you can study a week) and the 7Sage system will create a custom LSAT study plan, just for you.

14-Day Free Trial

7Sage offers a free trial with sample lessons, 100 question explanations and an entire LSAT prep test. This trial lasts for 14 days. 

6-Day Refund Period

7Sage offers a 6-day, full refund for purchased materials or courses. There is also a refund available for LSAT admissions consulting. This mitigates some of the risk of buying the course.

Analytics and Progress Tracking

7Sage has a vast array of LSAT prep tools. Two of the most valuable are their analytics and progress tracking. Once you set up your 7Sage account, you’ll log study, take practice tests and work with practice questions/answer explanations. Your performance is tracked, providing you with personalized feedback and the ability to identify trends of weakness. This feature goes a long way toward letting you know when you’re actually ready to take the LSAT.

Cons for 7Sage LSAT Prep

No Live Lessons

One drawback to the 7Sage LSAT review is that there are no live lessons. Some people like the traditional classroom environment or live-streamed classes. While there are plenty of expert materials, neither of these offerings are available with the 7Sage programs.

No Tutoring Program

Many people benefit from an LSAT tutor. 7Sage does not have a tutoring program. This could be a downside to people who thrive with one-on-one attention or real time guidance.
Check out our top recommended LSAT tutoring programs for prep courses that also offer tutoring.

No Higher Score Guarantee

While 7Sage claims a minimum 11 point increase for second time studiers, there is no guarantee that you will get that score. A lot of LSAT review courses will offer score increase guarantees but 7Sage does not.

Our Recommendation: A Solid Budget-Friendly Option 

7Sage LSAT Prep's affordable price point does offer good value for the money, making it an attractive option for those on a tight budget. You can opt to pay monthly, helping you keep costs manageable. You'll get access to a ton of useful study resources.

Who is this Course Best For? 

7Sage is best for LSAT students who are self-motivated and ready to independently follow a plan. This may include busy professionals, parents, or even students. The most important factor will be an individual’s ability to stick to the plan themselves, without any instruction or coaching support.

7Sage is also great for people who want assistance with law school admissions. They offer consulting services that help you refine your written essay and optimize your LSAC submissions.

7Sage LSAT Course Format

7Sage LSAT review is all online. There are some great elements to the course, which include:

Important Course Format Features

  • 7Sage Question Bank. 7Sage has an enormous bank of problem sets from dozens of real LSATs. These problems and logic games will be accompanied by answer explanations, so students can get to the concepts behind the presentation.
  • 7Sage Videos: 7Sage HD videos will be available for logic game explanations, concept instruction and microlearning. They have short-form and long-form videos that will enhance retention of key LSAT concepts and skills.
  • 7Sage Reading Comprehension: Part of 7Sage’s comprehensive LSAT offerings is a specific Reading Comprehension approach. Teaching students how to actively read and retain information is achieved through their proprietary strategies, which you’ll learn about in the paid course.
  • Email assistance from experienced tutors. 24/7 access to tutors is available via email.
  • 7Sage Logical Reasoning: Similar to the 7Sage Reading Comprehension, 7Sage Logical Reasoning presents a unique approach which helps students break down the different components of questions for analysis. Their method parses out the question parts so you can organize the data and arrive at a correct answer as efficiently as possible.
  • Full LSAT Analytics: 7Sage has handy charts and visuals to illustrate LSAT practice test scores. Data can be extrapolated and aggregated, giving you the ultimate insight into test readiness.
  • Custom Problem-Set Generator: Customizable LSAT problems (filtered by tags) can be set up any which way you like. This is a way to really hone in on what you’re supposed to understand and earmark skills that are giving you trouble.

7Sage LSAT Prep Pricing

Here are some more details on 7Sage LSAT pricing.

Monthly + Live




50+ hours of Video lessons

over 95 LSat practice tests

over 7,500 question explanations

problem set generator

personalized study schedule

digital tester

flex format

classic format

lsat analytics

Access to 7Sage Live Classes

full library of previous classes

optional prep plus lsac subscription

+ $99 for one full year

+99 for one full year


Down from $169/month

7Sage LSAT Discounts

7Sage doesn’t offer discount codes or coupons. They do have free resources and a free trial.

Is 7Sage Worth It?

7Sage is a solid LSAT study program that has helped thousands of students pass the LSAT. If you are looking for a comprehensive course, and don't need tutoring or extra support, this may be a great option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the 7Sage LSAT Review.

Is 7Sage Good?

Although it's one of the lowest-priced options, 7Sage is a top-rated LSAT review course. It is affordable, offers comprehensive materials and extensive resources to help you study for the LSAT.

What is Blind Review 7Sage?

The Blind Review Method is a proprietary approach to the LSAT. It was created by the founders of 7Sage, two Harvard Law School graduates. The unique methodology is a proven approach that has helped many people pass the LSAT. In essence, the Blind Review means taking an LSAT test and not checking the answers until the end. You can learn about this method in the paid course.

7Sage vs. PowerScore: Which is Better?

7Sage and PowerScore are two popular LSAT prep programs. In addition to many other LSAT review courses, they both offer video content, written materials, LSAT practice tests/practice questions and LSAT answer explanations.

PowerScore has more written content, while 7Sage has an almost unrivalled quantity of test questions and answer explanations. Ultimately, it's best to get a trial of both programs and see which best fits your learning preferences and objectives.

How to Review LSAT Practice Tests 7Sage

7Sage recommends that you use a Blind Review process for LSAT prep. When you take a practice test, you will not reflect on or revisit the questions until you are entirely finished. Then, someone (not you) should score the practice test. This will give you more objective feedback to work from. According to 7Sage, this is the optimal way to take LSAT practice tests.

Improve Your LSAT Score with 7Sage LSAT Prep!

7Sage offers an excellent selection of quality resources at a very affordable price.